In this section I will cover the most important aspects regarding the diet, the reasons for adopting it the ways of making the transition to being alkaline. Most people assume that a diet should help solve a present problem like an overweight issue or an illness. In these circumstances, a diet is like a treatment – not necessarily a substitute for medication but a welcome addition.

While this is somehow correct, a diet should also be perceived as a “maintenance” tool for the body. In today’s world, the living conditions are worse than ever. Air, water and food are all polluted and contaminated. Modern life is stressful and wears out the body much faster than thirty years ago. As a result, diseases and various other health problems start to appear much sooner than before.

In a Swedish study from 2012, the scientists discovered that most 30 year-old men had aged bodies, like those of 45 year-old men twenty to thirty years before. The main culprits were the modern, stressful lifestyle and diet.

Therefore, a diet can have then multiple roles. It can be used to maintain the body in a good working order, it can help with various health problems or it can be used in specific situations.

A good example is the diet used in sports, where specific results must be achieved. Unfortunately, keeping a wrong diet can trigger reverse results like body weakening, weight increase and health problems.

After studying many books and working with people, I came to the conclusion that there are 3 main diet groups which form a pyramid, with virtually everyone belonging to one of them. Of course, there are thousands of specific diets like paleo, proteic and others, but they also fall under one or more of these groups.

1. The base: Western Diet

This diet is widely spread among the most civilized countries from all continents. Its main characteristics are:

  • Consumption of large quantities of meat and dairy products

  • Sugar and salt are used virtually every day

  • Foods having large quantities of bad fats are often eaten – sometimes even daily

  • A lot of baked and pastry products and other types of junk foods are common

  • Many foods are frozen, canned, sterilized and boiled for a long time and these processes reduce the nutritional value

  • Chemical additives, often in large quantities, are added to various foods – especially on convenience foods

  • No special attention is paid to the nutritive value and the combining properties of the foods

  • Vegetables and fruits are only a small part of everyday meals

  • Little emphasis is laid on organic foods

  • Drinking water is replaced by fizzy and energy drinks

Why is this diet so widespread? There are too many reasons to discuss here but the most important is the accessibility of such foods:  they are easy to produce and store, and also lay much emphasis on taste and aspect.

On a long term, western diet has been proved to be the root cause of most modern diseases such as cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and many others.

2. The middle: Vegetarian diet

Under this diet group, I include all flavors of vegetarian and vegan diets. These diets make a step forward by taking into account the characteristics of foods. Vegetables are living foods which provide quality nutrients to the body. The vegetables can be cooked or consumed raw.

The main food groups are vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Some diet variations also include milk, eggs and dairy products, but the common aspect is the avoidance of meat consumption. Here are the main characteristics:

  • The base foods are all types of vegetables including grains, fruits, nuts and seeds

  • Organic sources are preferred, but they are not a must

  • Cooking is kept to a minimum or even completely eliminated

  • Meat is not consumed

  • Eggs, milk and dairy products are sometimes consumed

  • Sugar and sugary products are accepted

  • No particular attention is given to proper food combinations

  • Fizzy and energy drinks are still being consumed

  • Sometimes supplements are taken in order to replace meat nutrients, although there are still debates regarding this aspect

While this diet group is certainly better than western diet, some vegetarians tend to get fatter and still have some health issues. They also feel hungry most of the time and, as a result, they tend to eat large quantities of foods.

3. The top: Alkaline Diet

Finally, we’ve arrived to alkaline diet, which is derived from raw vegan, with several important additions. First, you should know that the original developer of this diet, also called “pH diet” is Dr. Robert Young, a renowned microbiologist who studied the effects of foods on the human body. As a result, he developed this diet which made a difference in the lives of many people, some with terminal diseases. Dr. Young managed to prove beyond any doubt that foods have a tremendous influence on peoples’ health and  that weight is a side-effect of health problems. This is why alkaline diet is useful both for weight loss and improving health conditions.

Here are the main characteristics:

  • The human body’s pH is slightly alkaline and regulated continuously

  • Tests have shown that 100% of the diseased people have an acidic body environment

  • Foods are divided into alkaline forming and acid forming

  • Meat, dairy products, most grains, processed foods, fats and sugars are acid forming so they are avoided

  • On the other hand, vegetables are alkaline forming

  • Organic and fresh food sources are always preferred

  • Some grains and foods do more harm than good (ex. corn)

  • Most fruits should rarely be consumed because of their high sugar content

  • Raw vegetables and juices made of vegetables retain most of their nutrients

  • Food combining is a key element of a good digestion, which in turn affects acidity

  • To be healthy, the body needs more alkaline than acid foods in a 70:30 or 80:20 ratio

  • Good hydration using  pure water is extremely important

Alkaline diet provides all the explanations of food effects on the human body. If a food can be eaten, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is also beneficial. Even if you switch from vegan, alkaline diet gives an energy boost and improves the general tonus and health conditions.  I have seen this over an over again, starting with myself.

How to become alkaline

Your goal is to advance from the basis of the pyramid to the top. Even if you’re a vegan, there are benefits still left for you to discover.  Here are the main steps you should take if you start from the western diet:

1. Progressively reduce meat, dairy, pastry and sugar

Depending on your health condition you can skip this step or spend 1-2 months reducing acid foods from your diet. At the same time, start eating more vegetables, especially green, leafy ones. This prepares the body for what is to happen.

2. Detoxify your body

For 2-3 days drink only green juices made of vegetables, water and lemon. This will release the toxins which will be eliminated from the body. At the beginning of this stage you’ll feel sleepy and tired – this is normal, it is a sign that the process is working. Have patience but if you feel really ill then you should stop and consult a doctor so as to try another detox program.

3. Start being alkaline

Now the body is prepared for this step. Progressively reintroduce solid foods according to alkaline diet and keep in mind the 70:30 or 80:20 rule. You should soon feel more energetic and you’ll notice improvement in health as well as weight loss. In my case, in the first few days, I noticed I had lost more than 3 pounds!

Being alkaline is like treating your body gently – so the body will respond in the same way. If you’re interested only in losing weight, don’t forget that health always comes first. Weight loss is just a side benefit of a healthy body.

Alkaline Diet Exposed

What to do next?

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