Raw crackers are absolutely essential nowadays
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Let me be blunt:

In today’s world, full of crap foods, pesticides, air pollution and chemicals everywhere, we need to use every advantage, we’ve got to keep ourselves healthy. This is not an easy task and every bit of knowledge we acquire can really make the difference. We can no longer hope to stay healthy – we need to actively take all the measures we can.

We owe this to ourselves and to our beloved ones.

This course is different

If you’re wondering whether this micro-course is any different - whether it’s even worth looking at –
here are a few comments I’ve gotten so far.

I love the quality of this course – the lessons are straight to the point, no BS, only useful stuff. Thanks!
At the beginning I was a little bit reluctant – what the heck is a micro-course? I usually prefer to have everything in one place. But after getting your emails I was surprised to discover that it was much easier for me to digest this information one lesson at a time, rather than reading an entire course at once. Good job!
I’m pleased to say that my time investment in this course really paid off. My family and I have come to eat seed crackers almost daily and we also prepare them when we go hiking. No more energy bars for me! I had some blood sugar issues but since I started to eat healthily, I have felt much better. I will definitely get other courses from you!
I am very interested in gluten alternatives, as I follow a gluten free diet. My options are limited where I live, because of the use of various yeasts and gums. After enrolling to this course I finally understood why raw crackers are so beneficial and healthy for me. I am now planning to make them at home.

I have got these comments by means of a Google Forms survey so I don’t have
the names of the people who made them. Why not find for yourself if they’re right?


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