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50 Hand-Picked Weight Loss Recipes For Preparing Raw Crackers and Breads
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Learn How to Make Your Own
Delicious Raw Seed Crackers and Raw Breads,
100% Adapted to Your Taste, Whether Spicy, Salty or Sweet,
Which You Can Take With You Anytime, Anywhere

Could 80% of the nutritionists from the United States of America be wrong?

I really hate to start this message with bad news, but here it goes. This little secret can literally change your way of thinking about losing weight, so please read every single word of the following:

Every time you tried a new wonder weight loss diet you only harmed yourself.

Let me say this again:

Every time you try a new wonder weight loss diet you only harm yourself, unless you do something to help your body deal with this process.

Listen: Most weight loss diets out there are simply starving the body. This is why results are modest and don't last long. Cravings are hard to bear. You feel restricted, you count everything you eat. You become a slave of your food. Moreover, on a long term, you only deprive yourself of invaluable nutrients that your body desperately needs. Let me state this: old-age "diseases" are not normal! This is how the media wants you to think. The sad truth is that most of them can be prevented by simply eating the right kind of foods.

It's having the RIGHT KIND of NUTRIENTS that keeps your WEIGHT NORMAL and your BODY HEALTHY

Don't worry right now.

There's a solution to this.

But first, let me tell you my story.

You know, I used to be just like you.

I used to eat all sorts of foods until one day I realized the importance of good nutrition. The wake-up call actually came from my physician while doing my regular check-up. The results were… not so good. My blood sugar was off the charts. My weight was also much higher than it should have been.

I decided on the spot to change my lifestyle and diet habits. I started to go to nutritionists in search for help. I quickly found out that most advice and diet plans were simply not for me as they were too restrictive. Others I tried didn't work at all.

Then, one day, with the help of a friend, I met this particular nutritionist. He was literally glowing of health and perfectly fit. His name is Antonio Beale, the founder of Alkaline Diet Exposed.

We became close friends. One day I was at his home on a visit. While sitting around the table and discussing about diets and lifestyle, he told me he wanted me to try something new. He brought a plate of raw flax crackers. I had seen bags of crackers in some health stores and I had tried some of them, but none tasted like these. Even today I remember the uncommon yet delicious combination of garlic and rosemary with the sweetness of carrots. They were still warm and crunchy.

Then he revealed me his big secret: raw seed crackers and breads are the key to losing weight and maintaining optimum health. To my surprise, they don't fatten - instead they help the body to naturally get rid of fats and toxins, while replacing them with quality nutrients. I was still skeptical but I promised myself that I would at least give it a try.

Antonio gave me the recipe but I didn't know where exactly to start from. What kind of seeds did I need to buy? Brown flax seeds or yellow? What was the difference between them? Why did I need to soak them in water and for how long exactly? What kind of tools and appliances did I need for the best results? What if I wanted to change an ingredient? Would that ruin the entire batch? Back then, my experience in the kitchen was less than limited and these were just some of the problems I was facing. But I was determined to learn as much as I could. So, I started to learn and experiment.

This is how I discovered the universe of seeds and nuts, the key to natural and tasty weight loss.

You see, I spent quite some time searching for all this information and asking for help, then trying to put everything into practice. But I was determined to pursue my goal. Several days later, my first batch was ready - chewy, moist and with an uncertain taste.

Since then, 2 years have passed. I've used all this time to perfect the art and craft of making weight loss crackers. If I had had a step-by-step guide back then to help me, I would have started losing weight the very first week!

If you can relate to this, here is the solution:

You see, most nutritionists know it and use it for themselves, but few actually prescribe it to their patients. And the reason is simple: it works so well that they would lose money. Would you go 4 times a month to a nutritionist when 2 weeks are more than enough to reach your desired weight?

Here's the deal: There are only two ways of losing weight. One is by starving your cells (and, sadly, this is the solution preferred by most doctors and nutritionists), while the other is by nourishing the body with the right kind of nutrients. The second solution is quicker, healthier and, most importantly, sustainable on a long term.

Think about it. What would you choose?

The hidden secret of health and weight loss,
the best source of good-quality nutrients are

THE ULTIMATE FORMULA OF A FABULOUS BODY: HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT TODAY WITH RAW CRACKERS AND BREADS contains proven and repeatable techniques that will make you healthier and leaner in almost no time. You don't even need previous experience in the kitchen. Actually, it will work even if you're a total newbie in the cooking art. You'll do just fine preparing lots and lots of raw crackers and breads, using a whole array of seeds and ingredients, with any flavor you might think of.

Without proper guidance, at the beginning it is extremely easy to fail and abandon raw crackers for good, which would be a real pity!

Do you know how incredibly tasty and nutritious raw crackers can be? They can be part of any diet, whether a raw vegan or not, in order to benefit from them. You know there are countless ways to eat them - as snacks, with dips, in soups, with hummus, to name just a few.

And if you're wondering where to start, I've got you covered. Along with the guide, I included my huge bonus to you: a cookbook of 50 recipes for you to choose from when you're busy and looking for inspiration.

Imagine yourself the morning with a fresh-made batch of tasty, nutritious crackers, just ready from overnight dehydration. Their texture is crisp; they are perfectly shaped, just as you know they should be.

The smell is incredible, all your family gathers around to get a bite. And you know this food is among the healthiest. What a joy to provide your family with only the best nutrients! Don't worry if there are crackers still left on the table (most of the times there will be none left!). They can be stored for weeks - and now you know the perfect methods to preserve them for a quick snack or a day trip.

Best of all, old clothes will fit you again. Once more the mirror will be your best friend. And you're going to smile at yourself, knowing that you finally did it! You've lost those pesky pounds you were striving for months or even years to get rid of! Your life partner will also notice your new inner (and outer) glow. You’ll feel happier day by day. Isn’t this the life you dream about?

With the information and techniques from THE ULTIMATE FORMULA OF A FABULOUS BODY: HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT TODAY WITH RAW CRACKERS AND BREADS, you'll have the freedom to choose among 50 recipes using various seeds, vegetables, spices and flavorings. You can even adapt and create your own recipes. The sky is the limit, as the possibilities are endless. You can use just about any ingredient you like - simply choose a base recipe and experiment with it. However, if you're busy you can skip the experimentation and choose any recipe you like.



you will

  • Lose weight naturally and get that dream body you always wanted

    Forget everything you know about losing weight. Good quality nutrients naturally lead to weight loss. No more starving or counting calories. And this is exactly what you're going to get: the best way to lose weight quickly and healthily.
  • NOT get bored ever again

    Where would you find such diversity? Depending on the seeds, herbs and condiments, there is a whole array of tastes that you can experiment.
  • Pamper your tastebuds with sweet, salty or spicy raw crackers and breads

    No matter what your preferences are, raw crackers and breads can be tailored exactly to your taste. You can choose recipes from the included cookbook or adapt your own.
  • Learn how to make them quickly and easily, even if you're no cook

    Most people believe that raw crackers are difficult to make and this is the number one reason keeping them from trying. You'll see how easy it is, previous experience in cooking doesn't matter! Here you will learn everything you need to know before buying your first bag of seeds. You'll learn about the necessary tools, about storage and preservation, tips and tricks, dehydration procedures (even without using a dedicated dehydrator) and we'll bust the myths surrounding raw crackers. It's an art and a craft and this guide provides first-hand practical information derived from long-term experience. We all love theories but it is practice that counts.
  • Be able to take them with you to your job, on vacation, when hiking, or eat them with your regular meals

    Raw crackers and breads are a deliciously versatile snack or addition to any meal. They provide energy and nutrients wherever you are, no matter how busy you are. They successfully replace the commercially available energy bars, which are far less nutritious. Eat and lose weight. Isn't that your dream?
  • Enjoy them even if you're gluten intolerant

    Do you know how badly your body suffers from gluten, even if you don't have gluten intolerance? These crackers don't have any gluten at all, which makes them absolutely safe to eat for anyone.

...and that's not all.
Raw crackers and breads

  • Are also good for children, adults and elderly people

    Depending on their age, each person has different nutritional requirements. This usually means that during one's lifetime, emphasis must be laid on different categories of foods. There's one exception: raw crackers and breads are a perfect fit for your entire family, no matter their age.
  • Successfully replace bread

    Raw crackers and breads replace commercially available (and even homemade) bread which makes you fat, no matter what the labels say. According to studies, bread is the #1 culprit in maintaining an increased weight and one of the hardest foods to cut from any diet. Bread also contains sugar and additives (you'll find more inside this product).
  • Improve your digestion

    Flax seeds are widely known for aiding the digestive processes, cleaning the waste and reducing the body toxins. However, did you know that eating plain raw seeds doesn't help at all? In order to be efficiently assimilated, the seeds need to be prepared first - raw crackers and breads being a viable alternative.
  • Help you kill hunger wherever you are

    If you feel hungry during the day, pack some crackers with you. They are a delicious snack which will make you feel more energetic and satiated.
  • Replace energy bars

    Raw crackers can successfully replace the commercially available energy bars, which are seldom a healthy choice. Take them with you to the gym, on camping trips, when hiking or whenever you know you'll need a concentrated source of energy.
  • Enable you to benefit from a totally new and concentrated source of minerals, vitamins, fibers and healthy fats which will restore and keep your body health

    Do you know that the lack of nutrients, especially minerals, is the number #1 cause of diseases? Minerals are the building blocks of cells, while vitamins are just catalysts that help minerals do their job. Yet, I know many people who focus solely on vitamins and almost ignore the importance of minerals in a world of foods devoid of them anyway. This isn't a living, it's just survival. Getting good amounts of qualitative nutrients makes the body grow, repair itself and thrive. Now it has all the resources to protect itself from illnesses, strengthen its immune system and heal itself. Raw crackers and breads deliver a concentrated bunch of nutrients in an easily digestible form. The body knows how to extract exactly what it needs from foods and this is something no multi-mineral pill will replace.
  • Provide a way to spice up your meals

    Another important reason why most people revert to their unhealthy diets is that vegan meals may become dull. Incorporating raw crackers and breads adds a whole new array of tastes and flavors to any kind of meal, whether vegan or not.

What People Are Saying:

This is a fantastic product! The recipes are great, easy to make and I've already lost a few pounds. My husband loves them and he's not even a vegan!

Chrissie Downing, Chicago, IL

Losing weight was always a challenge for me as I love to eat all kinds of foods. At first, I thought making raw crackers was challenging and expensive, but it wasn't like this at all! I’ve quickly seen my weight dropping and I don't feel like dieting at all.

Laura Roach, Monaco

Thank you so much, the product is amazing, very complete and nicely done.

Susana Belen, Spain

I had some previous experience making raw crackers at home and still this guide provided so much more. The cookbook itself is well worth the money. Good work!

Tim McPherson, New York, NY

Here's what you get:

    Printable, beautifully formatted guide ( Worth $97 )

    It reveals the complete formula and all the secrets for losing weight by making raw flax crackers and breads. You'll also find out how to choose the tools you need, information about seeds and nutrition, dehydration procedures, temperatures, storage and preservation, how to avoid mistakes, a lot of ideas, tips and tricks and much more. This is a complete manual, it doesn't require you to know anything or have any special skills beforehand.
    50 hand-picked weight loss recipes for preparing raw crackers and breads

    Each recipe is precisely one page long, therefore easy to print, and comes with a full list of directions, ingredients, preparing times, servings, suggested meal combinations, tools you'll need and quantities.
    Control your cravings and save money when shopping for groceries

    This is an important tool that will help you plan ahead your meals and shopping sessions. In this way you won't be caught with your pantry empty anymore. This is one of the most common reasons for eating unhealthy, fattening foods. Also, with proper planning, your overall expenses on groceries will be significantly reduced.
    Help your body digest better and burn fat faster

    Food combining is one of the most frequently overlooked aspects of many diets. With this handy tool you'll learn what kind of food combinations are good or make you feel worse and fatten you.

Yes, I'm ready to start losing weight today by making my own raw crackers and breads - the proven, naturally and healthy formula which my body will love!

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